Cheers to a new year with the ladies of UMW!

It’s a new year, and I’m excited to serve on the board of FUMC’s United Methodist Women’s executive board again this year. Last year, I served as the reading program coordinator, which fit me so well because I dearly love to read and talk about books. This year, in addition to the reading program, I’m also coordinating publicity efforts for the group. With my work life background in writing, creating content, public relations and digital marketing, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Fishers UMW executive board meeting 1/9/18

We just had our first meeting of the year this week, and our new president Jordan Vaughn brought up an article she’d read where a UMW group in New England created an e-circle for women in their congregation who couldn’t attend circle meetings for one reason or another (work, too many commitments, transportation issues). Immediately my mind went to our Facebook page and how we could use it as a pseudo circle to connect with women in our congregation who haven’t been able to join a circle.

Initially, I thought of Google Hangouts to provide a face-to-face atmosphere, but further research showed me the platform is limited to 10 spots, so depending on the number of ladies who want to join in, that likely won’t work for us.

I’m thinking Facebook Live streaming each month, probably after each executive board meeting, where I can start out with a devotion, share what all the UMW circles have been up to in terms of mission over the past month, and list out what opportunities for mission are available in the coming month. I’m thinking I’ll try to follow as much as possible our circle agenda so people who watch will get a good idea of what they can expect if down the road they are able to join an in-person circle. What I love about Facebook Live is that I’ll be able to read comments from viewers, so we’ll be able to have interaction among all the women who tune in.

Our Facebook page will let me keep everyone updated on events, and I can provide an agenda through the files section.¬†Even ladies who can’t watch live will be able to watch through past livestreams.

Of course I’ve only been noodling on this plan for a short time, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know! I’m looking forward to making our Facebook page and this e-circle idea into one that grows our UMW membership to get more ladies involved in mission projects in our community.