How I help fight the cycle of poverty for Indy children

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-30-28-pmI’m passionate about leveling the playing field for children stuck in the cycle of poverty. As such, I’ve volunteered my time and gifts to several organizations to effect change for local children. One of those is Girls Inc. Indy, which is a nonprofit organization focusing on equipping girls with skills to be Strong, Smart, and Bold.

Adding sundae toppings at the July 8 #IndyIceCreamSocial on Monument Circle

Having been introduced to Girls Inc. Indy through Bohlsen Group president Vicki Bohlsen, a board member, I’ve participated in Girls Inc. Indy’s marketing advisory meetings to give input on media relations and communications campaigns, led class sessions for elementary students to teach them financial literacy and skills toward building healthy relationships, and used my considerable ice cream topping skills to raise money for the nonprofit

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-41-24-pmMy social media skills have also come into play for the organization, as I’ve tweeted about not only the classes and events I’ve participated in with Girls Inc. Indy but also about their fundraising campaign with Brackets For Good, a client I worked as liaison for as Account Supervisor at Bohlsen Group.

What keeps me involved is knowing that my time and the money raised goes to an organization focused on breaking the cycle of bad outcomes for girls growing up in poverty.


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