Blessings and boo-boos

I became a member of Fishers United Methodist Church in September of 2011 and have been volunteering there ever since with the Children’s Ministry and more recently United Methodist Women’s Grace Circle. Whether it is looking after the babies in the nursery during the 9:45 service, leading games at Vacation Bible School, learning at Kids Ministry workshops, or weeding the preschoolers’ outdoor play area, my time spent volunteering has always been fulfilling.

Some of the standout moments I’ve experienced volunteering with my church are:

At a Habitat for Humanity build in Oct. 2015, I used a caulk gun for the first time and felt majorly accomplished. Above and beyond that, though, I learned more about the amazing organization that offers much more than just homes for needy families. Habitat also offers financial planning and volunteering opportunities for those receiving families to give them the wherewithal to turn their lives around.

The speaker at a Kids Ministry event this summer talked about a “Blessing of the boo-boos” idea to teach very young children about prayer and God’s healing. I’ve since blessed my own toddler’s boo-boos multiple times, and he loves it!

One week after Vacation Bible School ended, my then-4 year old was already asking when he could go back.

I know I’ll continue to offer my gifts in whatever ways I can with Fishers UMC.


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