Getting involved in Kindergarten…again!

It’s been many years since I stepped foot in a Kindergarten classroom, but as my five year old started in just that environment this year, it has been fun to see how elementary school has changed. We live in the Hamilton Southeastern Schools district, so my Kindergartner is in the first class to have an iPad per person throughout its entire primary and secondary school career.

One very cool aspect of the iPad inclusion is how the students can access information that would have ordinarily been printed on paper. I’ve begun volunteering with the student newsletter at my son’s school, and rather than printing out hundreds of copies for the students to take home, the teachers will share a link with the students in class to pull up each edition. Links and QR codes will be embedded with many of the stories, so it will be quite the interactive experience.

The newsletter has been a lot of fun for me to work with because of my journalism background. I used to create my own newspapers when I was in Kindergarten; then I graduated to school newspapers in high school and college and of course writing content for news sites as a professional.

scan-2016-10-10-17-24-40The fun in taking a step back to a primary school environment is in highlighting student work, such as my son’s drawing of an alien (the newsletter will come out close to Halloween!) and articles from the fourth graders on the tornado that kept them on lockdown earlier this semester.

Getting involved in my son’s elementary school reminds me of how grateful I am to live in such a great school district and how fortunate my kids are to have the wonderful educators they do. Go Royals!




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